Jesús Vilchez


Noticias del Perú 18

"Outsider" who could understand in Peru which is a self-sufficient? an "outsider enlightened" as the writer "exposes" his ways, approaches, possibilities, ideologies, forms ..., beliefs, among many things but, in Peru I had problems with some art critics who have none to defame me to behind me publicly before the institution ... saying for example "my job would be more interesting to a psychoanalyst for a" curator of art "to that I always have put in place and the least imaginable ways since last 3 years ICPNA of Lima in Peru demanded the curator of action ... I publicly apologize and did so with shame, apparently swallowed the earth ... while I still standing here and Dancing.

These were years of hard work to uncover and display a limited art work on youtube and on facebook lately ... survive in a country where they ignore me and make me question of the fate of a Being of Light, so all my works are always a burden ritual, from the beginning ... statism with my body "present" until the last days when completely entered the dance always in search of redemption.

If I die tomorrow, I'll know I died happy because I died before all this promiscuity Dancing around me, I am aware that I am definitely in the wrong place ... and the words spoken above are not a grudge no cure for that I debug it with a smile and beauty.