Paulo Henrique



Contract With The Skin

The Skin is our largest organ and outsider protection. It gives us a vital protective layer, is crucial for our sense of touch and provides us with a highly sensitive and visible interface between our inner body and the outside world.

This piece encompasses the theme of how the “Skin” relates to: shelter, home, identity, gender, geography. It envelopes the multiple textures of the body , the voice, allowing many separate and distinct readings.
The human cell structure – “Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Membrane”, provides the ‘creative tissue’ for “Contract With The Skin” concept.

“Contract With The Skin”
Concept, direction by Paulo Henrique
Performers/ dancers: Paulo Henrique, Susana Mendes, Maria Joao, Vania Rovisco, Joana Trindade
Sound by: Rui Leitao
Multimedia: Helder Luis / Manuel Granja / Paulo Henrique
Set/Design & Costumes: Catarina Campino / Andre Guedes
Production: Rumo do Fumo / CCB
Video by Paulo Henrique / Scarafone